what is milky mumma

Milky Mumma Nutrition was founded by Gabriella Ambrose, Australian mother and doula, who wanted to provide mothers with delicious, fuss-free products for each transition into motherhood.

These include Lactation Support Products for Breastfeeding and the Goddess Health Range to help nutritionally support a woman at any stage in her journey. Every product is made from raw whole foods, free from refined sugars.

The Lactation Support Products include Bliss Balls, Brownies and Smoothies, that are packed full of galactagogues such as brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal and sunflower lecithin. Tasty and simple to put together, they make the perfect snack or drink, safe to consume during pregnancy and can help with colostrum production in your third trimester.

The Goddess Health Range includes the Mummalyte Hydration (labour, breastfeeding, general electrolyte), the Energised Bliss Ball, Goddess Greens, and Goddess Health Blend. These products are designed to help support a woman at the cellular levels including ingredients rich in B Vitamins, Folate, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D & K (bone health) and Omega 3/6.


  1. Is it safe to give my children the lactation support products?

    Absolutely! If you are not already lactating, these products will not make you magically lactate. They are packed full of yummy superfoods that your entire family can enjoy guilt-free. Warning! Your child may love the brownies so much, you’ll have to hide them for yourself! My son and I make smoothies and smoothie bowls almost every day - my favourite is the Iced Latte and its caffeine free so completely safe to give to him!

    However, if you are trying to wean, I recommend switching to the Goddess Health Range, as the Lactation Support Range can encourage breastmilk production.


    This is a personal choice, as the Lactation Support Products can also improve the quality of your milk making it more nutritious. You may also choose to temporarily switch to the Goddess Health Range, to support your health without the use of galactagogues.

  3. The recipes call for coconut oil and coconut syrup, what alternatives can i use?

    If you don’t have coconut oil/syrup, or don’t like the taste, then feel free to substitute!

    Coconut oil helps to bind the mixture together, but you can replace this for any other type of fat such as olive oil or melted vegetable margarine, but coconut oil is the best!

    You can adjust the amount of sweetener to your liking, and if coconut syrup is unavailable, you can try agave syrup, manuka honey, brown rice syrup etc. Please note that different sweeteners have varying sugar content will change the sweetness level of the finished product.

  4. I have gestational diabetes, are your products safe to consume?

    All the products are free from refined sugars and use natural sweeteners such as stevia extract or dates, except for the Mummalyte Hydration, which is made entirely of crushed freeze-dried fruit. We recommend checking with your healthcare provider first to see if it compatible with your Gestational Diabetes Nutrition Plan.

  5. what postage/shipping provider do you use?

    Hong Kong Post - Free Shipping Applies to orders over $1000 Only (purchase of 3 or more products).

  6. how long do the bliss balls/brownies last?

    We recommend refrigerating your lactation support goodies for freshness, and consuming within one week. Or you can freeze them, and enjoy up to one month after freeze date.

  7. The Packaging on the smoothies calls for one scoop, but no scoop is provided.

    Please use one tablespoon, but feel free to add a heaped tablespoon or two full tablespoons. There is no upper limit!

  8. The product has clumped in the packaging, is it still safe to consume?

    Yes - this is typical of natural products, and is an indicator that these are genuine products without any synthetic processed preservatives in them (hence why the shelf life is 12 months only). Sometimes, they just need a good jigging around, and they are good to go! With the mummalyte and smoothies, they will dissolve in liquid.